Life is like photography… We use the negatives to develop.

i laughed so hard..
the weather is always beautiful to me in Kaua’i.
Kalalau Lookout - Kaua’i 
Oh how i miss it there <|3

Anonymous asked: i stumbled on this page searching haleakala volcano.
the pics are gorgeous and so are your memos.

how old is the website? and how old are you?

thank you :) 

i’ve had this for maybe 2 years now.. and i’m eight-teen.

Oh how i miss you Kaua’i <333

amigail asked: Where did you get the tribal vans?

Cukui :) they were at Arizonas’ Aloha Fest.


Wreck This Journal - Colour Outside of the Lines by Creative Disorder on Flickr.
Maui, Hawaii, from the air, photograph by tom 2.0
Maui, Hawaii, Haleakala Volcano crater, photograph by HalonaCoast