once again i’m so sorry i haven’t been posting :( but i’ll try to get on whenever i can. much love <3


Rest In Peace King George Tupou V.
i LOVE to see the younger generation carrying on the polynesian culture &lt;3

If you care all about a persons looks and nothing more.Than in reality, you’re basically caring about dust. Because all we eventually become is dust.It’s much more than that. You should look into a persons heart, see that it’s pure, true and real. That’s what matters.

My blog is now on strike until tomorrow morning!

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Ill be back to regular blogging tomorrow <3

.. :)
Listening to Anuhea&#8217;s new 2012 Cd :D
eat em pacman EAT EM!

If Only Closed Minds

Came With Closed Mouths.

LMFAO! &#8220;His Birthday Which You Obviously Know, Stalker.&#8221;